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ChatGPT is Way Better Than Ask Jeeves

We should be rightfully amazed language models like ChatGPT. We should incorporate it into the classroom.

Nuggets of Wisdom from From Two Decades in Higher Ed

I have been ridiculously fortunate with leaders, mentors and colleagues. Here is some advice I’ve accumulated along the way.

We Should Have Meeting Jubilee

Back in the day, kings used to wipe away all debt in a single Jubilee. We should do that with Zoom meetings

'Tis the Season for Standardized Data Science Project Structures

As a holiday present from us to you, please enjoy this cookie cutter project template

R and Python: & ! |

Learn one, learn both. They do different things well

Algorithms Are People Too

Maligning algorithms misses the entire reason why they are utilized in the first place

Lessons Learned from Building a Silly Twitter Bot

Why Have Side Projects? Whenever I am asked the best ways to learn data science, I always encourage folks to find a problem to solve …

Data Science on Campus: One Year Retrospective

Introduction When I was a grad student in Nashville, my office just happened to be in the student health center. The shortest path …

The Modal Institution of Higher Education

I have enjoyed NPR’s Planet Money podcast for many years. They always have an interesting perspective on matters foreign and domestic; …

Why I’m Starting a Blog

Welcome. I’m so glad you could make it. If I had a dollar for every person whose told me I should start a blog, I wouldn’t have very …